What makes me laugh…lots!

Oh where should I start! I love to laugh! I have quite a loud distinctive laugh so everyone knows I am around when they hear it. So what brings out this loud distinctive laugh you ask?

  1. Animal antics

My son and I can spend hours on Facebook and IG watching animal videos. We love the cat videos the most as cat’s are real characters. As luck would have it, the neighbourhood stray brought her kittens to our door a few months ago so we have had the pleasure of witnessing all the antics every day. Here is just 1 of the clips that had me in stitches.

Curious George investigates Alex’s sock…
  1. Dry English Humour

I loooove English humour. Programmes like “Allo Allo” and “Absolutely Fabulous” have had me rolling with laughter. My current favourite British programme is the Graham Norton Show. His guests are a real hoot! Which just reminds me that I should probably sign up for Britbox so that the laughter can roll on!

  1. South African Stand-up comedians

Trevor Noah obviously tops the list here. I have been a fan of his for years. Just before he was appointed as the host of The Daily Show, I saw him perform live. I literally cried with laughter. At one point, my friend thought I was having an asthma attack (and I don’t have asthma) because I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. There were about 5 commedians in the line-up and each one was funny in his own right. I also love Marc Lottering, Riaad Moosa, Stuart Taylor and Carvin Goldstone to name but a few. There are so many more. Pre-covid, attending comedy nights was one of my favourite things to do.

As I said at the start of the post, lots makes me laugh. I hope you enjoy the clip and links. According to Lord Byron we should always laugh when we can. Laughter is cheap medicine. So laugh hard and laugh often!

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