31 Days of Gratitude 2022: Day 3

Today I spent time with some of my favourite people on this planet. I met my sister for brunch and then surprised my cousin, who I like to call my sister as well, with a visit. I am so grateful that I got to spend time with them as I always feel reenergised thereafter.

Fun Fact: My sister and I live in different cities. Our bond appears to have gotten so strong over the past few years that we regular park opposite each other without even planning it when we meet at a mall or, like today, at a fleamarket. We only discover it when we are leaving. It just blows my mind every time it happens!

Lastly, I must take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. I love the driving through Durban’s suburbs as well the areas on the outskirts of Durban. The landscape is amazing. Below is a pic I took while waiting in traffic this afternoon.

Shongweni, KZN, South Africa

31 Days of Gratitude 2022- Day 2

Do you do also feel like after day 1 it’s downhill from there? That’s how I felt today. Suddenly it feels like I am knee-deep in December and Christmas is almost upon me and the year is virtually over and and and. Suddenly it’s all so overwhelming and I feel peopled out already. That being said, I have lots to be grateful for though.

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels.com

I spent most of my day with my son. It felt like old times. Pre-covid. It feel like he was a little kid again. I am so grateful that we had the time together. He lost his dad 3 weeks ago and today, for the first time, he shared some of memories of his dad with me. I was so glad he confided in me finally. It eventually got too much for him though and he clammed up on me in the evening again. I left him to just process the emotions he was feeling. I am so grateful for him. I am grateful for our bond. I am grateful for his trust and his love. I pray that God will give me the strength and wisdom to support him through this very tough period in his life and to help him navigate it.

Thank you Lord for my son.

31 days of Gratitude 2022 – Day 1

Yip! It’s that time again and I am so excited. I hope you will join me as I spend the next 31 days intentionally being grateful for all that I have.

Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels.com

My December started off with a rotten surprise but the day gradually got better. Today I am grateful for my job and the amazing team that I get to work with. We had a year-end connect today to reflect on the year that was and to enjoy each others company with good food and great music to enhance the experience.

I am also grateful for my new friend. She is an amazing person who is secure in her faith and love for God. Because of this, she is able to push her own boundaries knowning that God has her back. She inspires me to do the same and to strengthen my faith even more. God clearly works through her (well to me anyway) so I am so thrilled that He has sent her into my life. For me it is a reminder that He is not done with me yet. How exciting is that!

Thank you!

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