If not now then when?

Hi. Welcome to my blog, Grounded African.

I decided to start a blog at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately I have been a chronic procrastinator all my life and have done it for many reasons. The chief reason…fear of failure.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms” – Zen Shin

I happened upon this saying on IG the other day and it galvanised me into action. I immediately went on to the WordPress website and created this blog. I felt exhilarated! I had taken the first step.

Fear kicked in again of course and I stopped there. Today I watched my son fight his fear of failure at his first karate grading for his yellow belt. He has been a nervous wreck for weeks. We had a conversation about 2 weeks ago in which I told him to not focus on possible failure but on success and to practice a lot so that success is inevitable. It eased some of his anxiety but, up until this morning,  he was still a little anxious.   I am proud to say that he was victorious and even achieved second place in his group. He was ecstatic! He has set the standard and has been an inspiration. I, therefore, will take my own advice and focus on success and give the fear of failure the boot.  After all “now” is always the best time to start. Btw, I am expecting you to hold me to that.

Oops I don’t think I have introduced myself. My name is Michelle Frankson. I am a mum of a soon to be tweenie and the girlfriend of a really gorgeous tattoo artist. By day I am a consumer researcher/sensory expert for a personal care company. At night, I am a student of psychology and now a blogger as well. I must warn you that I am a nerd of note with a dry sense of humour and a very curious mind.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences with you as I grow and evolve. I hope to inspire some of you in the process.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please free to leave comments and introduce yourself.

Bye for now

Grounded African

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