“Men are stubborn. Women have strong personalities…”

Sorry men but all women know this to be true…and yes, there really is a difference. I had a good laugh today when one of my colleagues shared the outcome of  her conversation  with her husband last night about this very topic.  His response…”stop using “Woolworths language” on me…lol!  As far as he was concerned, it is the same thing.

Men are stubborn

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I was actually having a similar discussion with my cousin last night and she said the same thing to me.  I, of course, agreed.  Based on my experiences with males they are just stubborn creatures.  From my dad to my son and everyone I have encountered in between is as stubborn as a mule. As frustrating as it is, it can actually be quite an endearing quality  but only in hindsight.  At the time of encountering the stubbornness,  a woman could find herself in jail on an attempted murder charge!  Ladies, is it just me or do they automatically sense when we have PMS and chose exactly that time to be at their most stubborn or are we just more sensitive to their stubbornness at that time of the month???

Stubborn men are magnets for women with strong personalities

Have you also noticed how the stubbornest men seem to end up with women who have the strongest personalities?  I suspect it is the lure of the challenge that draws us to these men.  We want to be the ones that “open their eyes” to the error of their ways.😜 Of course we would never want to change them…I know you were thinking it guys but believe me when I say it is not true.  In our eyes, there is a difference to making you aware of something and trying to change you.  We do, of course, hope that the newfound awareness will make you choose to change of your own accord but we would never expect you to change.😉 Wait, let me take a step back, we first pray for the awareness and then hope that you will make the necessary changes.  We don’t hold our breathe though as we could turn blue and die…🤪

Very stubborn men ooze testosterone

Men do have various degrees of stubbornness.  The very stubborn ones ooze testosterone I’m sure because they are super sexy too. Maybe it’s not the testosterone, maybe it’s just the thrill of the challenge that makes us see them as sexy.  Either way, I don’t know about you but I find that very stubborn men are sexy and are very hard to walk from.  Now men, this is not an invitation to dig your heels in further.   The good news is that there is someone out there that will see you as the stubbornest mule they have encountered and find you sexy because of it.

Men are born hunters. Woman are born fixers. 

If a man is being stubborn about something, then hell yes, we will want to change his mind.  We are born fixers.  When are being stubborn about something we sometimes see it as a flaw that needs to be “fixed”.  (there I said it) Some women are wiser than others though and have learnt the art of planting the seed and waiting a man out.  I am not one of them.  I was definitely playing up in the trees when God was handing out patience.  I came skating in at the tail end of it.🤦🏽‍♀️ I will therefore be on his case from time to time to “open his eyes” to what ever it is you need to see.  We woman have a natural gift of foresight.  Trust us when we say “open your eyes”…

Sometimes you just have let the horse die of thirst next to the sparkling watering hole

As much as I love the challenge, I am also a firm believer in accepting that there are certain things I have no control over.   I think a lot of woman are starting to accept this.  There are so many strong woman who are single.  Happily so I might add.   One has to just let go and let God at some point.  I haven’t always been this way though.  I have been known to drag many a horse to water and even push it in before I accept that it will not drink.  Can’t take me anywhere!   These days I just leave them at the watering hole.  I need to conserve my energy to get back on the trail.  I am on a journey through this life after all and one day a willing (and sexily stubborn) companion will drink from the watering hole with me and walk off with me on that journey.  Of this I have no doubt.

So how do you know if you have a woman with a strong personality you ask. 

  • She is loyal to a fault.
  • She will challenge you and herself
  • She will have strong faith in her God and in you
  • She will invest her time, her love, her energy, her faith in you
  • She will be comfortable in her own skin
  • She won’t need your help but will ask for it anyway because she knows how important it is you
  • She thinks…a lot!
  • She laughs … a lot!
  • She tells it like it is (yes, sometimes it hurts…ok ok…it always hurts but once you are done licking your wounded ego, you will be grateful she said it.  Yes that’s right…because it… “opens your eyes”)

See the difference men? I thought you might 😉

So…let’s celebrate the stubbornness in men and the strength of women.  🥂 Life would be so boring if the sexes were the same.  Let me know what you think.  Do you have the same experience of the sexes?

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