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Quotes To Live By: Michael Ivanov

“In all things, be filled with gratitude”Michael Ivanov (The Mount of Olives) Image: Readwise

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Quotes to Live By: Michael Bernard Beckwith

“Gratitude is a prayer that acknowledges the gift of Existence, that we can laugh, dance, sing, love, eat, create, celebrate, heal, transform, and that we have been fully equipped to become self-realized beings.”Michael Bernard Beckwith (Life Visioning) Image: Readwise

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Daily Quote: Michael V. Ivanov

“So instead of just wishing, begin to give thanks for that which you desire, and it will be God’s good pleasure to give it to you.”Michael V. Ivanov (The Traveler’s Secret: Ancient Proverbs for Better Living) Image: Canva

month of gratitude

My Month of Gratitude: Day 31

🌼Today I am grateful for 2020 and all it’s challenges and blessings. I am grateful that I came through it, still employed, safe, healthier and lighter than when the year started and, I would like to believe, wiser. I have had to let go of the old (sometimes kicking and screaming...lol) and most has already… Continue reading My Month of Gratitude: Day 31