Quotes To Live By: Mitch Horowitz

“Saying thank you is not just courtesy. By recognizing other people—privately, publicly, and, when appropriate, in remuneration—you allow them to feel that they benefit from your success, and you give them a stake in its continuance.”

Mitch Horowitz (Secrets of Self -Mastery)
Image: Readwise

31 Days of Gratitude: Day 2


🌼Today I am grateful for the stray mummy cat in our complex that chose to trust my son and I with her gorgeous kittens. They are now on the move again though. The past few weeks have been amazing watching them develop. Curious George kept me entertained the most. I pray they remain safe and happy wherever they end up. Thank you for the privilege of being a part of their journey and especially for the joy they have brought us. 🌼

Georgina and George. How cute of those M’s on their foreheads!
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