31 Days of Gratitude – Day 22

2 more sleeps until Christmas!!! I am so excited! As I write this, I have the Christmas pudding boiling in the steamer. Bright spark that I can be sometimes, I lost track of time, mixed the pudding, put it on to boil and then realised how late it was. Let’s just say that it’s gonna a be a long long night 🙈

I am extremely grateful for the lady that came to clean my home today. It feels so good to be in a neat and tidy home tonight. I am grateful that I could provide her for employment for one day. I look forward to the day that I can do it more often.


31 Days of Gratitude: Day 19

It’s days until Christmas and I have only just begun my Christmas shopping. 😱😳 Fortunately the mall wasn’t too busy this evening so it wasn’t too bad. I was pretty stumped as to what to get for everyone which was a good problem to have. It meant I had the means to get a gift for which I am grateful.

The other bit of good news for the day is that my son’s grandmother is out of hospital and it sounds like she is in high spirits which is wonderful. I am so glad she is well on her way to recovery.

31 Days of Gratitude – Day 17

Today I did one of my favourite things in this world…I bought books! 😜😁 I have way too many already and I may never get to read them all but it just gives me such great pleasure to acquire more. I didn’t meet my target this year of reading 50 books but that’s ok. I enjoyed the 21 books that I did get to read this year.

Some of my favourites have been:

  • Glucose Revolution: The life changing power of balancing your blood sugar by Jessie Inchauspé. She simplifies the science so well. I just need to be more disciplined about incorporating her hacks into my day.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Pearl. An oldie but still relevant. I like the uplifting yet down to earth style that it is written in. The advice was much needed as well.
  • The Cabin at the End of the Train: A story about pursuing dreams by Michael V. Ivanov. A simple yet inspiring story
  • Velvet Dragonflies by Billy Chapata – this is a book of poetry takes on a journey back to self. I am halfway through but will be done by tomorrow. I love how he strings words together that can touch the very core of you.
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