My Month of Gratitude: Day 28

🌼Today I am grateful for stepping out out of my comfort zone and trying out camomile tea. I am a coffee addict and generally don’t bother with tea. Let me tell you, camomile tea is my new friend. I sleep like a baby whenever I drink it at night. Now yes I know it’s supposed to calm you but I didn’t realise how well I would sleep too. I am very grateful for camomile tea. 🌼 P.s I slept so well last night that I sailed through my workout this morning. This stuff rocks!

My new found friend 😁

My Month of Gratitude: Day 26

I was listening to Les Brown’s “The Power of Purpose” on Audible and he spoke about the importance of keeping your commitments to yourself. That’s when I realised that I had not being as disciplined as previous years in keeping my commitment to be grateful for something everyday. So here I am, seeing it through because I want to. Because it brings me joy and a sense of awe at all when I think of all the things I can be grateful for, both big and small.

🌼Today I am grateful for so much. A wonderfulChristmas spent with family. The means to purchase the one gift that my son really wanted. Safe travels to and from my sister’s place. My family’s health which allowed us to spend Christmas together. This time that I have to myself because my son unexpectedly ended up spending his holiday with his dad’s family. My neighbours for the wonderful impromptu conversations. I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you God🌼

I didn’t really take any pics this Christmas. Below is a collage of the only pics I took. I lived in the moment and completely forgot about my phone and it was just awesome. The pudding was a traditional Christmas pudding that my late mum used to make for us every single Christmas. This was the first time I made it and, thankfully, it tasted just like hers. I was so glad and very grateful to be able to bring an element of the Christmas she created for us into our celebration yesterday. For my efforts I found a R5 in my pudding. 😁😁

A few memories from this Christmas…

Month of Gratitude: Day 3

🌼I am grateful for my son. My munchkin (don’t tell him I called him that though😜). He is such an awesome kid. Sometimes I look at him and am awed by the fact that this amazing kid was birthed from my body. I am thrilled that his soul chose mine to share this journey that we are on. He teaches me something new everyday and most importantly he’s mere presence is a wonderful reminder of how amazing and beautiful unconditional love is.

He started this year as a boy and will end it as a young man. Thanks to the arrival of Covid19 and the lockdown that ensured, I was able to watch him make this transition. The experience completely blew my mind.

Thank you for my son🌼

Having a little bit of lockdown fun at home.
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