Cake is for life, not just for birthdays!

Bloganuary day 28 – just 3 more posts to go….

Today’s prompt: Describe your perfect birthday cake

Hello again. I don’t know about you but I thought this a bit of an odd prompt but here I am anyway. I have never given any thought to what my perfect birthday cake would be like to be honest. This is probably because I have never been too hung up on it.

We were very fortunate that my mother was the best baker ever! On Sunday evenings we did not have supper. Instead we had cake. My mum would bake at least 2 treats every week. Sometimes it would be scones and a bacon and egg quiche or chocolate cake and rock cakes. Sometimes it would be lemon meringue pie and maybe a coffee cake or cheese puffs. I guess my point is that we were spoilt rotten on Sundays and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We couldn’t wait until it was time for cake and coffee/tea. If you were still hungry there after, you had a toasted sandwich. Those are definitely some of my favourite moments with my family.

I think I always had a chocolate cake on my birthday. It was never fancy but it was always delicious because it was made with love. I really couldn’t ask for more. I’ll assume my mum is reading over my shoulder from the other side so thank you Mummy for those weekly spoils and my delicious birthday cakes. They were always appreciated. 🌷🙏To this day, a chocolate cake is still my cake of choice if I am going to have one at all.

That’s it from me. Thanks for stopping by. Bye for now.

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