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Bloganuary Day 20 – only 11 days to go…

Today’s Prompt: What irritates you about the home you live in?

I am going to change this around and talk about what I love about the home I live in as I don’t enjoy focusing on the negative. There will always be things that I want to change about my home but that will be because I have gotten bored with seeing the same things in the same places to I will switch it up for a change in scenery. I also find that moving things around often changes the energy of the space.

So what do a I love about my home? Well I love that I have a home and that I get to share it with my son every day. I love that I have stairs as I always wanted a double storey home when I was a kid. I try and make sure that I run up the stairs a few times a day when I need to fetch something as my home is very small so it helps me get a little bit of exercise in every day.

I love my little garden out back although I have been neglecting it of late due to the influx of mozzies. They have my ankles for dinner! I love that I do have my own little patch of grass to ground myself on and space for my table and benches so that I can sit and watch the butterflies flitter and flutter about and watch the kittens chase each other. I find it very calming and peaceful even though there is a bust main road very close by.

I do need to give my home a complete overhaul as right now it is in complete disarray. I am constantly amazed at how I can get rid of an item of furniture and somehow, just somehow, I manage fill up that space with stuff before I can get to replace that furniture with a new piece. So, as I said, now I just have give every space a complete overhaul so that it looks pretty and has utility.

I live in a complex, from the car park, one has great views of the west of Durban, especially the beautiful sunsets. I’ll leave you with a pic of one that I took earlier this week.

African sunset
African sunset. Image credit: Author

So that’s it for today. Thanks for dropping by. Bye for now.


My sanctuary

Solitude is my happy place. I can be alone in a crowd and be happy much like a couple newly in love that creates their own world whereever they go. I used to be anxious about it when I was younger but not anymore. I love being on my own but within limits.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

My favourite place to be alone is in my home. It’s my haven. It’s where I can just be. No judgement. No minding my p’s and q’s. I just am. I love pottering around the house and the garden and then curling up with a good book. Now and then I will dedicate a weekend to a series on Netflix. I have to watch a season at a time or it will bother me. I can no longer survive on one episode a week. 🙈 Netflix has spoilt me. My son is at that age where he is glued to some form of a screen at any point in time but when he needs to take a break, he knows where to find me.

I also like enjoy chilling in my little garden. There is a bush behind my house that houses, what sounds like, a lot of different birds and there are lots of beautiful butterflies that flutter about. Even though I live just above a busy main road, the bush helps drown out the sound of traffic so I am able to focus on the birds singing in the trees. I never see them. I only ever hear them. I also enjoy watching the kittens have a blast chasing whatever insect crawls or flies by. They think my irises are their own personal jungle where they get to play hide-and-seek with each other. 😂 They are the cutest. Being in the garden is also my opportunity to ground myself.

So while I can happily be alone anywhere, my favourite place is definitely my home.

As much as I love solitude, I do need my daily dose of people though.

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