Superwoman I am not, but…

“Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.”

Leon Brown

I am listening to Day 5 of Tony Robbins Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge while I write this. To me he is an example of someone who has made a difference in so many people’s lives in some way. I remain a member of the challenge’s facebook page as every single day, someone from somewhere in the world tells their story of success. Their stories are so inspiring and a constant reminder of what is possible.

Today’s prompt asks how I change the world. The truth is that I don’t believe that I change the world but I do believe that I am here because I matter. I also believe that we are all here to serve to each other. How we serve is what makes our impact different. So my belief that directs how I now live my life is that I am here because I matter and because I am here to serve. I have a personal mission statement that I created as an output of a course I attended in 2020. It is as follows: “I am a dynamic life transformer. I enlighten, educate and empower people to unleash their full potential.” As I mentioned in my response to day 16 , I get my energy from empowering others and that statement helps keep me focused on why I am here and why I do what I do.

As I mentioned before as well, I believe that my job is me. I believe that I am responsible for doing the work on myself to change my world. If I make positive changes to my world then I am more likely to positively impact the world of those around me.

So, Superwoman I am not, therefore changing the world is probably a bit of a stretch for me. However, nothing is impossible so watch this space. 😉 That being said, I can however change my world and hopefully, positively impact yours in someway. 😊

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