Joy lives in the moment

Bloganuary Day 5

Today’s Prompt: What brings you joy?

Once again, my mum was my first thought when I read that prompt. Her name was Joy. When she passed, everyone would tell me how she brought joy to them through her smile. She always greeted everyone with a smile. Her baking was the other way she brought joy to people. She was a very talented baker and she liked to make note of (in her head), exactly who liked what cake. She always made sure she made a person’s favourite when they visited or she visited them. Of course, seeing the delight on people’s faces when she smiled at them and when they walked in smelled their favourite treat before they even laid eyes on it, made her light up. She was an introvert so she would try to hide it but if you paid close attention in that moment, you would notice her light up just a little bit. I think it is pretty cool that she deliberately did something to bring people joy every time they came into contact with her. She really lived up to her name in that respect. The thought of it brings me joy and inspires me.

What brings me joy are the simple things in life.

– Seeing my son light up when he is proud of himself or I am proud of him or when something good happens to him.

– Spending time with the cats that adopted us. They are such curious and innocent souls. Below is a video I created on IG. My son was movinga ball around with his hands and they were just fascinated. I added the song on IG and it just worked out perfectly! I was so chuffed!

Video: Created on IG by author. Music: I Feel Good by Pink Sweat$.

– Spending time in the company of toddlers and pre-schoolers. They keep me alert to, and appreciative of, the wonders around me.

– Listening to the bird’s conversation in the mornings. I really wish I could speak tweet and chirp. Their conversation sounds pretty hectic sometimes especially when they are shouting at each other😂😂

– Spending time pottering in my little garden and especially when all my efforts are rewarded with a new bloom.

– Books and the wonderful act of reading them. I am currently reading Game of Thrones. I love the way George RR Martin puts words together. It feels like I am reading a piece of art.

– I guess I get this from my mum, but surprising people with little gifts brings me great joy. Sometimes it’s the gift of an experience that they have never had before rather than a material object. Either way I always hope that I was able to enrich their lives for a short period.

– I will end with calling out writing as something that brings me great joy. I get so excited when I write so if everything seems a bit jumbled sometimes, now you know why.

These are just some of things that bring me joy every day. I hope you felt some of my joy just reading about them. Don’t forget:

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W.B. Yeats

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