The Power of Lipstick

Let me start by saying that I am in no way a stylist or a make-up artist or anything of that nature. I am your average ex-tomboy who has spent my entire life intimidated by make-up. As a result, the only make-up that is very hard to get wrong, is the only make-up you would usually find me in i.e. eyeliner and mascara and then it just became mascara because I just got so tired of having panda eyes…lol. This year though, I discovered the magical powers of lipstick and it was quite by accident.

My baby sister actualy introduced me to a colour that actually suited me. I owned quite a few lipsticks by then but none I felt very confident in. Then I discovered the Mac website and that I could try the lipsticks on virtually. I still didn’t trust my own judgement so I asked a male friend for his opinion and bought the ones he recommended it. I decided to wear one to work. I dressed up a little more for the occasion too 😉😂. I was blown away by the reaction I got!

I was greeted by people who barely greeted before. People would shout hello in the canteen and these were people who also barely greeted before. People took me more seriously as if I was suddenly a force to be reckoned with! But wait…there’s more…I walk into stores and the staff actually approach me now and I find that the level of service I receive is waaayyy better than before. I no longer have to wait too long for my orders to be filled in fast food places. Who knew that the addition of lipstick would make such an impact! Needless to say that my confidence levels have gone through the roof and I have officially become addicted to lipstick!

Me without and then with my favourite lipstick colour (Flat out Fabulous from Mac)

You can see from the pic above that it makes quite a difference. It changes my skin tone and just gives a more polished finished somehow. I have to admit that I am just blown away by the difference it makes. Anyway, I am glad I have discovered this new little magic wand.

I have also discovered a new benefit as well. I can now wear clothes in colours that didn’t quite suit me before. I have more of a warm tone but there are times when I like clothing that only comes in colours more suited to cool tones. It broke my heart when I had to just leave them on the rack in the store. Now I can wear some of them. All I need to do is wear the right colour lipstick with the top or dress and it helps to make me not look sickly. It’s important that the colour closest to your face suits your tone so lipstick is perfect. The tricky part is also making sure that the lipstick works with the colour of the clothes though.

Well that’s largely it. If you, like me, have been a bit intimidated by lipstick, I hope I have inspired you to overcome it and spend 2023 having a little fun creating new looks with it. I highly recommend trying the colours on virtually first. The actually lipstick colour tends to be slightly different when you buy it but it actually also tends to look even better than the pic.

Have fun!

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