Quote of the day: Tracee Ellis Ross

Spiritual Sunday Quote:

“…I’m complete just as myself. Not in relation to anyone or anything else-just wholly fully me”

___Tracee Ellis Ross

I am a great a fan of Tracee Ellis Ross. She is an amazing women. I love this quote from her which I read in old edition of Destiny Mag because, once you understand and accept this, you can’t help but feel free. You no longer have to conform to what you believe society expects of you and you start following your own path. You find yourself open to opportunities that you would never have considered before. The right people start gravitating towards you. The best part, your natural beauty shines through😊. This has been my journey this year. What a ride it has been this far🙌.

It’s Spring Day in the Southern Hemisphere today. The perfect time to clean out your old perceptions of yourself and acknowledge, accept and embrace the real you. Happy Spring Day! 💐🌺🌻

Pink rose. Quote by Tracee Ellis Ross
Image: Canva. Created by Grounded African
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