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Quote of the day: Motivational Monday

”You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Zig Ziglar

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Quote of the day: Thursday

“There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.” C. S. Lewis💕 It has taken me so long to accept this. Letting go of that and those that don’t want to be in your life creates space for the wonderous things and people that want to be with you and around you.… Continue reading Quote of the day: Thursday

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Quote of the day: Saturday

“As each day arises, welcome it as the very best day of all, and make it your own possession. We must seize what flees.” Seneca Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday Quote of the day

“Getting to the next level always requires ending something, leaving it behind, and moving on. Growth itself demands that we move on. Without the ability to end things, people stay stuck, never becoming who they are meant to be, never accomplishing all that their talents and abilities should afford them.” Henry Cloud

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OMG…The Universe is responding!!

This evening I was listening to the back end of Oprah's Soul Sunday interview with Shauna Niequist. (I know, I had no idea who she was until this evening. Had to google her too) The interview was about her journey as shared in her book "Present over Perfect". And yes of course it is now… Continue reading OMG…The Universe is responding!!

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Life Quotes: Quote of the day #2

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." – C.G. Jung I never realised how disempowering having a victim mentality is until I chose to start taking responsibility for my life. It is easy to point fingers and blame others but it gets you nowhere and you don’t learn… Continue reading Life Quotes: Quote of the day #2