31 Days or Gratitude – Day 29

And he is home!!! I am so excited to have my son home again. I missed him more than usual this time. I guess it was because he was on the opposite end of the country. I am so grateful to his dad’s family for having him and for the experiences he has with them. He has now seen more of South Africa than I have which is just fantastic. 😊

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am also grateful that we made it home safely from the airport in the rain. I hit a terrible pothole in the road but fortunately I had slowed down beforehand so I don’t seem to have done any damage. Fingers are still crossed on that one. I’ll check in the morning. Hopefully the rain will have moved on by then.

Well that’s it for today. Always grateful to experience another God-given day. 🙏Hope you have a great one! 🌷


31 Days of Gratitude- Day 14

Today was a good day. My son reached his destitation safely. Our team had a great afternoon together and certain things that had concerned me, fell into place. God just always makes a way. I am so thankful for His Grace. Lastly, it was just a stunning day in Durban today. Of course the thing that would really top this day off would be if Morocco wins their match tonight! I will defintely be praying for them and keeping my fingers crossed. It’s time for Africa (Waka Waka eh eh)! 🙂

A beautiful view from Umhlanga Ridge

My handsome actually let me take a selfie with him!

31 Days of Gratitude- Day 7

The most important thing that I am grateful for today is that my son arrived safely at his destination. Thank you Lord. It is also t-31 days to the 50th anniversay of my birth! I am very excited to be turning 50! A whole new decade to look forward to. I wonder what fabulous surprises await me:)

As I look back on this year, I am also grateful for the things that didn’t happen. One of those being that I didn’t find a house that I could afford at the beginning of the year. Had I done so, I probably would be living on bread and jam right now to make my bond repayments due to the continous rate increases. God definitely had my back with that one. We also would not have gotten to meet the new kittens. There is one in particular that my son just adores. He calls him Lando.

My son and his favourite furry friend, Lando

With my son away, I get to have a little bit of me time which is a real blessing. I miss him when he is not here but I really don’t miss having to worry about what to cook for dinner every day…lol. I am definitely grateful for my me time.

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