31 Days of Gratitude: Day 11


🌼Today I am grateful for the time spent with my son and the opportunity to spoil him. I love surprising my son with a bit of spoiling. I feel his energy lift and it absolutely lifts mine to see him happy. Today we went to the mall to get a few necessities and ended up having lunch at one of our favourite restaurants as well as walking out with lots of stuff we hadn’t planned on buying. 🙈😁We had so much fun! It was also great to spend some time with him. He is at that age where he lives to play online with his friends and family so I hardly ever get to see him. It was so good to spend the day with him. Today I am grateful for the time spent with my son and the opportunity to spoil him just a little bit. 🌼

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Month of Gratitude: Day 4

🌼Today I am grateful for all our firsts this year. My son and I had our first train ride together on the Inchanga Choo Choo before lockdown. Awesome afternoon with my best friend and her family. We visited the Japanese Gardens in Durban North. We had driven past it so many times and had never stopped and walked through it until a week or two before lockdown. One of the monkeys wanted my phone and wasn’t taking no for an answer so we had to run for our lives😂.

I took Alex to the drive-in for first time and we were involved in his first (and, God willing, his last) car accident on our way home. 😔 We were not hurt fortunately but it was a real shock to our systems. Our car was written off so now we are living the car-less life for the first time😂. We are so over it so God willing we will have a new one in the coming weeks.

I am so grateful for our firsts this year 🌼

2020 Memories

Month of Gratitude: Day 3

🌼I am grateful for my son. My munchkin (don’t tell him I called him that though😜). He is such an awesome kid. Sometimes I look at him and am awed by the fact that this amazing kid was birthed from my body. I am thrilled that his soul chose mine to share this journey that we are on. He teaches me something new everyday and most importantly he’s mere presence is a wonderful reminder of how amazing and beautiful unconditional love is.

He started this year as a boy and will end it as a young man. Thanks to the arrival of Covid19 and the lockdown that ensured, I was able to watch him make this transition. The experience completely blew my mind.

Thank you for my son🌼

Having a little bit of lockdown fun at home.
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