Quotes To Live By: Albert Einstein

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein
Image: Canva

Daily Quote: Kobe Bryant

“If you really want to be great at something, you have to truly care about it. If you want to be great in a particular area, you have to obsess over it. A lot of people say they want to be great, but they’re not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve greatness. They have other concerns, whether important or not, and they spread themselves out. That’s totally fine. After all, greatness is not for everybody.”

Kobe Bryant
Image: Canva

Daily Quote: Steve Harvey

“Everybody has a turn-back moment. You have a moment where you can go forward or you can give up. … [But] if you give up, the guarantee is it will never happen. … The only way the possibility remains that it can happen is if you never give up, no matter what.”

Steve Harvey
Image: Canva
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