My Month of Gratitude: Day 29

🌼Today I am grateful for surprises😁. I reached a new follower milestone on my blog. Thank you to all who have followed me and likes my posts.

This morning I received a gift of products from work and a monogrammed bathrobe. I felt so wonderfully spoilt when I saw what was inside! I have always wanted a monogrammed bathrobe! See even “small” dreams can come true when you are grateful. 😉 Thank you team Vaseline!

The best surprise was hearing that my son is ready to come home after a long holiday! I have missed him terribly! Talk about a bumper day of surprises! Today I am definitely grateful for surprises🌼

My wonderful surprise!
I just love the box that it arrived in.

A month of gratitude: Day 13

🌼I am grateful for wonderful surprises. Yesterday I picked up a pair of jeans to put under the tree for my son. There was no price tag on it but I took it anyway. It was the only one in his size. When I got to the till, they couldn’t find it on the system so they gave it to me for free! I was so thrilled! Talk about unexpected blessings. The funny thing is that last year I was given a free bunch of flowers during my month of gratitude by a different branch of the same store brand. The had charged me the incorrect price so they gave it to me for free. I am grateful for wonderful surprises.🌼

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