Quote of the day: Billy Chapata

“You are much more divine than you give yourself credit for, much deeper than the perceptions others have built for you. You never have to measure your worth by what doesn’t come back, and what chooses not to stay.”

___Billy Chapata

I have only just discovered the words of Billy Chapata. They speak to my soul. I look forward to taking in his latest book. Chameleon Aura. It the rave reviews on twitter are anything to go by, it’s one to absorb.

Image: Canva

A month of gratitude: Day 9

🌼I am grateful for closed doors. They have led me to the open doors. Some open doors I am still trying to find but I know I will so I don’t need to lament the closed door anymore. I am just grateful for the experiences , the growth in thinking and being and in my faith that they have brought. I am grateful for closed doors.🌼

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