Quote of the day: Bruce Lee

“The possession of anything begins in the mind.”

Bruce Lee

I have been reading about this concept and have been told about in so many different ways virtually all my life. I must admit that I hadn’t fully grasped it until about a year ago.

Once you fully grasp it though, you find yourself a lot more aware of your thoughts and how you sabotage yourself daily. Making changes becomes easier and little victories come quickly and keep you in awe of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

When you look around you and realise that everything around you began with a thought, you began to internalise how powerful your mind is and you start to use it differently. To build on Bruce Lee’s quote… The possession and creation of anything begins in your mind. 🌺

Silhouette of man thinking in art gallery


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

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