An ideal day in the life…

How often do you give any thought to what your ideal day would look like? I realised that I don’t very often at all. I have goals that I am working to achieve but I have never put together what that would look like in the form of an ideal day. Hmmm…let’s see

I am an owl by nature but since this an ideal day, I would be awake to watch sun rise over the sea sipping on a mug of black coffee. Of course I would be living in a home near the beach because there is no way I would be getting up to drive to a venue to see this. I would meditate for 30min and then journal. Then I would be ready to face the day.

I would wake my family up (I do have a life partner in this day dream😊). I would make breakfast and we would enjoy it outside on the deck. Everyone would get ready for their day I would drop my son off at school. My partner would leave for his office. My ‘office’ would be my study at home where I would spend my morning writing my next bestseller and my afternoon seeing my coaching clients.

My son’s return from school will be an opportunity to enjoy a snack together and catch up on the days events. My partner will be the family cook and make dinner on his return 🤪. We will take a walk along the beach after dinner and spend the rest of the evening reading or watching a movie together. I prefer reading to watching a movie to be honest.

That’s my fantasy ideal day. My reality ideal day is to wake up at around 6am, meditate and journal. Get my son off to school and spend the first hour or two of my day working on my biggest priority of the moment.

Then I would let the rest of the world in by joining any necessary meetings. At lunch time I would eat and then potter in the garden barefoot just to ground myself and to take a moment to be present in nature. Alternatively I would walk for 30min to get some exercise in.

My afternoon would be filled with collecting my son from school and having that snack together when we get home. Then spending more time on a priority area followed by closing off the work day. My son and I would make and eat dinner together to get more quality time in then I would study for 90 mins or so. Next I would take a break to focus on my son before he goes to bed followed by at least 30 min of writing that first best seller. 😁 Shower and curl up with a book in bed.

As an owl, my ideal start to the day happens after 8am but until I make my first few millions and my son can drive himself about (or that life partner arrives to play chauffeur), I shall unfortunately have to get up at that ungodly hour of 6am every day…sigh.


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

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