Jacaranda blooms

Well! Today’s prompt is “describe yourself as a tree”. I am suddenly so glad that there is only one more day to go in bloganuary.😂 Just kidding. I am actually enjoying these prompts. Right, let me give this a bash.

I have alsways equated trees with knowledge and ancient wisdom. When I came up with the name “Grounded African” for my blog I actually did see myself as a tree. I saw myself as being deeply rooted in Mother Earth (grounded) where I could absorb her wisdom and share it with all who came to sit in the cool shade of my branches and read. Perhaps I would drop a fruit or flower on the “head” of a visitor and inspire a new train of thought much like the apple did for Isaac Newton. Who knows. 😉

If I had to choose a particular type of tree, I would probably choose a jacaranda tree. I grew up in a city called Pietermaritzburg, which is the capital of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. My grandparents lived in the old residential area of the town where the streets were lined with Jacaranda trees. The park opposite the city hall also has jacaranda trees and I remember how all the birds would congregate in them in the late afternoon in winter and make quite a racket. As noisy as they were, they were awesome to listen to. I loved the purple flowers that lined the streets as well as the fragrance that filled the air. Spring had a colour in Pietermaritzburg and it was purple.

Photo by Luis Ann on Pexels.com

This beautiful tree symbolises wisdom, rebirth, wealth and good luck. Although it is native to South America, it is often found planted around universities in the US, Australia and South Africa. The belief is that if a flower falls on your head, you will pass your exams. I don’t know how true that is but hey, it actually fits with the vision I had when I named my blog.

So there you have it, my roots run deep with the soil and my branches are covered with beautiful and fragrant purple blossoms in spring. I am a jacaranda tree.

Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

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