Perfection is overrated!

Yip. I don’t know about you but I have spent virtually my entire life trying to be perfect. I have wanted the perfect body, the perfect social skills, the perfect walk, the perfect hair, the perfect skin and the list goes on and on! Why you ask? I thought it was what I was supposed to strive for. Strangely enough, I believed that I would never be accepted by society if I wasn’t perfect.  Aah the pressure we place ourselves under.

So here’s the thing…it turns out that I am enough as I am 🙂 Yip you read that right.  I am enough as I am.  The funny thing is that I am more than 30kg’s heavier than I was at 20 (when I was at the height of my perfection angst),  my skin is still as oily as it was then.  I now have all these dark marks on my face from adult-onset acne.  My skin colour has gone from a beautiful olive colour to a darker shade from years of sun exposure.  Despite all of these so called imperfections, I am at peace with myself.  Ok ok, the weight still has to drop as it’s just uncomfortable and unhealthy  but other than that I am at peace with myself.

Yes I was probably pretty close to being as perfect as one can hope to be without photoshop back then but I had no idea.  I chased an ideal that I saw in magazines and read about in books.  Let’s face it, heroines were generally beautiful and had it all together.  I wanted to be like them.  I wanted to wear the smart clothes and have a cool little flat.  I wanted to be on the arm of a great looking guy who had it all together.  Here’s what I have come to realise though…

Good looking guys who have their shit together are made not found

The good-looking guy who has it all together…a rarity.  He exists but they are generally taken.  Turns out that that guy generaly hooks up with a woman from a youngish age and she helps him evolve into the guy who has it all together.  It’s either his girlfriend or his mom who helped him reach his potential.  So single ladies out there, that guy that you know in your heart is a good guy and is your best friend but he may not have it all together yet but you know he has the potential to.  Give him a try and grow with him.  You will make lots of memories together in the process to share with your grandchildren one day 🙂

FOMO sucks

Time spent fearing that you are missing out on stuff because you don’t have a social life like the people on facebook is time wasted.  Your social life doesn’t define you.  Pursuing your passions and the impact that you have on the world is what defines you.  You define you.

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Physical perfection is overated

Just like we all have our personality quirks, we have our physical quirks as well.  I have skinny ankles.  I was so conscious of them.  I hardly ever wore three-quarter length pants or midi skirts.  Then one day I got overmyself and embraced them.  I asked myself what the worst thing that could happen would be if I put them on show and decided that people would always find something to point a finger at and snigger.  That’s their problem and not mine.  I love my skinny ankles so much now that I even had them tattooed!  I live in three-quarter length jeans now too.

So there you have it.  I am by no means perfect but I am definitely enough.  For this I am grateful. It’s ok to have quirks.  It’s ok to be you. Relax and enjoy it.

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Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

2 thoughts on “Perfection is overrated!”

  1. Love it!
    The skinny ankles bit made me remember our childhood, when you were so conscious of them! And I worried about my knock knees… 😂. Wouldn’t our teens have been so awesome if we felt this way back then! We are Perfect in our imperfections! (And stunningly gorgeous too😇!)


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