What people assume about me is not my business

People are ALWAYS going to make incorrect assumptions about me. This is a given. The beauty of getting older is that you begin to realise that other people thoughts and assumptions about you are not your business. Here’s why it actually doesn’t matter:

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

Lao Tzu

They could be judging an older version of me

I don’t know about you but I keep changing and evolving. The person I was as a teen is not the same as the person I was in my 20’s. I became a mum in my 30’s and that definitely changed me. My 40’s have been a revelation! Losing my mum 3 years ago also triggered a huge change in the person I am today. So, unless you have spent time with me over the past few months or maybe a year, whatever assumption you have of me is probably false. I am definitely not the same person I used to be when you knew me. Heck, if you last read one of my posts more that a year ago, you need to catch up. I’ve read more books and met knew people so I have ideas and philosophies. I am definitely not the person I was back then

They are judging my book by it’s cover

Yip. I am often told that I look like a teacher. I always ask myself how do teachers look. They are each individuals who look very different to each other but somehow I look like a teacher, especially when I have my glasses on. I must admit, that has been consistant throughout my adult life. Weird. Apparently I can also look intimidating. To tell the truth, I have lived most of my life scared of my own shadow. So if you are one of the people that think that about me, I am probably more intimidated by you than you realise.

They judge the way I live my life

I cannot tell you the number of times people have assumed that I am so strong because I am the single mum of a newly minted teen with a career and I am a part-time student and I blog and I read…a lot! How do I do it they ask? The same way you do. I get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other and eat my elephant one bite at a time. I have no other choice. It doesn’t make me strong. I cry and fall apart like everyone else. The only difference is that I don’t have someone to do the heavy lifting while I am falling apart so I have to keep those episodes short and sweet so that my son doesn’t even know it happened. I am super afraid of what’s around the corner like most yet because I get up and do what I do, it is assumed I am strong. My most recent request to God is that it is high time He sends me a life partner of note! Being independant has it’s perks but so does having someone to lean on and someone to share life with. So thank you in advance God, I know you are listening.

They judge the way I don’t live my life

Can a girl ever win? lol.

At the end of the day, people will always make assumptions about us. It’s human nature. Our job is to ignore other people’s assumptions and focus on living our lives otherwise, as Lao Tzu says, we risk becoming their prisoners. Why ever would we want to give people so much power over us?


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

7 thoughts on “What people assume about me is not my business”

  1. As someone who is very much driven by the need to be liked and the urge to know what people think about me, this post was really powerful. It really is none of my business what others think of me. I only need to know God’s opinion and His word says he SINGS over me with JOY. So I need to remember that. I am so glad you are comfortable in your own skin and not worried about what others think. You are my inspiration.

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