My Dream Superpower- Let There be Light!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? What a question! I thought through all the Marvel characters and the Disney characters that I know of and none seemed to have any that worked for me. I must admit that I am attracted to Elastigirl’s ability to shield her family from outside forces but that’s the mom in me talking especially with my son starting high school today. I would definitely love to shield him from the dangers of the world out there. By the way, she really deserves to be called ElastiWoman as that is what she is.

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But that was not the superpower that really resonated with me. What I really really wish I could do is turn on the light for those who are lost or living in darkness in the lives. I believe that it would be so awesome if we could light a flame within them by touching their hearts so that they can see the next step on their path. I don’t believe that I should light up their entire way because, there would no fun in that for them. The journey is where it’s at and not the destination.

Perhaps I read too many Disney books when I was small because the picture i have in my head is of a fairy godmother figure that taps her wand on your heart and provides this little ball of light, like your heart is a taper. It helps you see enough to take another step forward with confidence until you reach a better lit place in your life. Even better, as you move along your path, your light grows brighter allowing you to use your light to create a spark for others that need it.

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Marianne Williamson (Extract from ‘Our Deepest Fear’)

I guess councellors and spiritual healers and the like probably do have this superpower already if I think about it but just imagine how cool it would be if all it took was just the tap of a wand to lift your depression enough so that you can see a way out of it.

I probably sound a bit crazy with that idea but that is definitely a superpower I would love to have.

Let there be more light in this world!


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