The Game of life and how to play it…

Life is a game that must be played by certain rules and laws. In this post, I share what I now know to be true as learned from the book The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn

I was having a discussion with my boyfriend yesterday and at the end of it I walked away very frustrated. I felt like I was being judged on mistakes that I had made when we first met and that the changes I had made since then were largely ignored. While lying in bed it suddenly it dawns on me…I have spent my whole life judging people, including myself, why am I surprised that I am now feeling judged?

Then I remembered this quote from Florence Scovel Shinn’s book “The Game of life and how to play it”. I realised that by judging others I have brought judgement on myself. My heart sank. I immediately started asking God for forgiveness for my misguided behavior. I have been working so hard on learning to let things go and just accept people as they are and not judge them that I forgot that it wouldn’t erase the past. The are always consequences for one’s actions after all.

The great thing though is that forgiveness is always just a request away. A request through prayer to my God, my Universe. He will forgive me and I need to forgive myself as well in order to stop the cycle. I has taken me a while to understand this though.

I spent months at the end of last year and through January looking for answers. I knew that there was another way to approach life. I knew that there was something that I just wasn’t getting and I was right. Each book I read opened a new door of understanding. Eventually I happened upon Florence Scovel Shinn’s book and suddenly everything fell into place for me. At the end of the day there are spiritual laws that we must obey in order to live a life of love and abundance. There is a mindset that we must adopt in order to be open to a life of love and abundance. I think for me, her book consolidated everything I had read and put it in a Christian and metaphysical context in such a way that it all fell into place for me.

Life is a journey so I am learning as I go along. What I am sure of now is:

  • that God is my supply.
  • That everything that I need is already out there and available to me and I just need to release it with my words and show active faith.
  • That there is no loss. What’s not meant for me will fall away and it will be replaced with what is meant for me. This applies to people and things.
  • That active faith requires making space for the things and people that I have asked for and then letting go and letting God do the rest.
  • That I cannot ask for specific people. I can ask for the right friend or partner but not a specific person. God will send the right person to me as and when I need them in His time and not my time. His will be done and not mine.
  • Very little is actually in my control and that’s ok. When things aren’t working and feel disharmonious, I have to stop and ask myself where am I trying to control situation so that I can stop, mentally take my hands off it, and trust that all will work out as it should. Phew, this is a hard one but it’s getting easier.
  • Lastly, that there are no limits to what I can achieve. The only limits are the ones that I place on myself. This is also a hard one to accept and implement. I have spent my life believing in limits. Limits to the money I can earn and the things that I can achieve. Limits to the small things and the big things. There actually are no limits and I just need to accept and believe this. God is my supply after all and God’s supply is limitless.
  • Last lastly 😜, it is important for me to recognise when God is showing me what is meant for me. He will too. Then just believe, show active faith and then let go of it. What He has planned for me is always far greater than what I have planned for myself. God’s supply is limitless.

There is loads more that I have learnt on this journey which I am sure that I will write about in the future. Starting my day reminding myself that God is my supply gives me a sense of peace deep inside. I start the day knowing that no matter what happens, everything will workout as it should and that I just need to show up in faith. Forgiveness comes easy these days. Letting go is getting easier and my faith is growing. Life is beginning to flow more smoothly.

Thanks for reading. I will leave you with a quote from Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, “The Power of the Spoken Word:

You can never do a thing you cannot see yourself doing, or fill a place you cannot see yourself filling—not visualizing, making a mental picture (this is a mental process and often brings wrong and limited results); it must be a spiritual realization, a feeling that you are already there; be in its vibration.

Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

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