It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

christmas tree with baubles
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14 days and counting! I am so excited! My tree is up and my son and I have decorated the house a bit. This is the first time ever that we have our tree up so early and that we have decorated the house. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in my home this year!

This is the first year that my son and I will wake up in our home on Christmas morning. We would normally sleep over at my mother’s on Christmas Eve. This of course meant spending the afternoon locked in my room at my mom’s, wrapping gifts. Ideally little should have been napping at this point so that he could make it through midnight mass, but FOMO is his second name so my dad would distract him instead.  He would rather dose off during the mass so that he was fresh as soon as the mass was done 😂. Before church he would put out the biscuits and milk for Santa and then into the car.  I would drink half the glass and through half the biscuits in my bag and put the gifts under tree before joining everyone in the car.  Coming home to discover what Santa had left under the Christmas tree while we were away has always been my son’s favourite moment at Christmas.

He would always check the milk and biscuits first as soon as he got in the house. The absolute excitement on his face when he sees that the milk and biscuits are finished was priceless. Proof that Santa was definitely there! Yay! Next he would check under the tree and lo and behold…Santa has not disappointed him! There lay all the gifts! In those few moments, his belief in the magic of Christmas is sealed and there is nothing anyone can say or do to shake it. Seeing the wonder and joy in his eyes is gift enough for me.

The past 2 Christmas’s have been very different. The first one, my mom was sick so he didn’t sleep at her house on Christmas Eve and the second, he spent with his father’s family. It was our first Christmas without my mum and I thought it would be better for him to spend it elsewhere to distract him. Luckily, despite these disruptions in our Christmas routine, he still believes in Santa and is looking forward to our first Christmas at home. I am thrilled because that belief in Santa is what makes Christmas magical and neither of us are ready to stop believing in that magic just yet.

I have to admit, it has taken a lot of reinventions of the truth as he has gotten older to keep him believing in Santa. He still believes that I have Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy’s numbers. The story has now evolved to the fact that there are so many more kids in the world today that these 3 characters need help. They now rely heavily on parents to be their helpers so that little people are not disappointed😜. He also knows that he has to “believe to receive” (one of our directors at work taught me that trick). He is no idiot so sometimes a few doubts creep in but the need to believe is stronger and overrides his doubts every time.

He has received his gift early so he is not expecting anything under the tree but of course, Santa will surprise him. I can’t wait to see the look on his face on Christmas morning!!! Today he was trying to suss out how I would go about buying him a gift without him knowing since I am at work all day and he is with me when I am not working.  That brain of his is always busy trying to figure this out.  He also clearly refuses to accept that Santa won’t leave anything for him under the tree.  He is holding on to his hope.  Well…since he believes, he will have to receive.    

This year we will start creating a new Christmas routine. We have already started by putting up the tree and decorations early and I am so excited about that. I must admit that I have no idea what that routine will be so we will just do what feels right in the moment this year and build from there every year. All I know is that I can’t wait for Christmas!!!

Christmas wreath on door
Our first Christmas Wreath

What are your Christmas traditions?  Do you spend it with family or do you prefer to be with friends? How do you keep your kids believing in the magic of Christmas?  Do you believe in it?  

Looking forward to hearing from you!  All the best with your Christmas preparations!





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