It’s the seemingly little things…

When you think back about your life thus far, what were the moments that have mattered most to you? Was it the grand gestures or has it been those moments when someone did something, seemingly little, that really rocked your world? For me, as much as I appreciate the grand gestures, it’s recently been the little things that let me know that I am thought of or appreciated that have stuck with me.

Reaching out

When my mum died 15 months ago, I was in such a bad space. We had thought we still had a few more weeks/months with her so her death was a shock. I had just broken up with boyfriend and was still processing that. To top it all off 2 of my sisters decided to cut themselves off from our family so I just thought I was going out of my mind. Nothing made sense. My cousin, took it upon herself to message me almost every day for a few weeks to check up on me. She listened to me rant and rage when I needed to. She was amazing. My best friend did too but it was something about those touch points with my cousin that helped bring me back to sanity. I can’t explain it. It probably looked like a little thing from the outside but it had a huge impact, I am so grateful for her.

Hand of  God

Being seen

Today, I was chatting to somebody. I didn’t see it coming but I enjoyed the moment. He was genuinely interested in me the person. It felt good to have someone take an interest in me and for me to take an interest in someone new. I felt “seen” and, until the conversation started, I hadn’t realised that it was just what I needed.

Special moments

Last night I spent the evening with my cousin and her family. The plan was to drop off her books that I had loaned and have a cup of coffee and come home. Several hours later….there I still was just enjoying everyone’s company. I have told my cousin before, and written about it here, that spending time with her is good for my soul (and my blood sugar levels) and it really is. I am so relaxed after spending time with her. The train ride my son and I shared with my best friend and her family last week had the same effect. It was such an awesome experience to share with them.

Simple gifts

For my birthday this year, my dad brought me a strawberry plant. I guess he is trying to navigate this new reality that is life without my mother. She would always buy our gifts and he would be as surprised as we were to find out what we got 😜🤣. He hates shopping and, over the past few months, we have developed a new bond over gardening. So he brought me a strawberry plant from his garden. I was so delighted by my gift and even more delighted by the effort he made to bring me something. When his sister passed away last year, he brought me a Barberton daisy from her garden to remember her by. I treasure that plant so because it was tended by her hand once and because my dad gave it to me. So yes, it’s those seemingly little things that I treasure most these days.

My strawberry plant an Barberton daisy

I wasn’t always like that. I guess it’s hard to appreciate the little things when we are so caught up in this materialistic world that we live in. Don’t get me wrong, I do like receiving nice things and appreciate them, but it’s the seemingly little gestures that people make and the little gestures I get to make to put a smile on someone’s face on an almost daily basis that makes my life richer and more beautiful.

Smile power

Sometimes, all it takes is a smile. I was driving to work one morning years ago, and this man tried to cut in front of me on an off ramp. He gave me quite a fright. For what ever reason I didn’t get angry. I just smiled when he apologised. When we got to the traffic light, he pulled up next to me and asked me to wind down my window. He couldn’t stop thanking me for smiling at him. He said it lit up his day and was genuinely enthralled by it. That moment has always stuck with me. By choosing to forgive him his blunder and to smile at him, I turned his day around. When my mum died, everyone I spoke to remembered how she always greeted you with a smile and how she always walked into a room with a smile. It’s amazing what a difference a simple, dazzling smile can make. 😁

I hope you have an awesome start to your week and that you spread your smile around and make someone’s day. You are guaranteed to have a great day too every time you choose to smile or do that little thing to help or acknowledge someone when they least expect it. TTFN!


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

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