Parlez-Vous Français?

Bloganuary Day 26

Today’s prompt: What language do you wish you could speak?

Do I have to choose just one? There are actually quite a few that I wish I could speak. South Africa has 11 official languages and I am only fluent in one. 🤯🫣 I have a basic appreciation for Afrikaans and I can greet in Zulu and Sotho. I love Sotho though and would love to learn it. To my ear it can be quite lyrical and I love the way the Sotho’s roll their R’s. I do need to learn Zulu as it will help me understand a large portion of our consumers.

There are 5 other languages that I would love to learn.

Languages that would serve me well in the rest of Africa are French, Portuguese, Arabic and Swahili. I have always wanted to learn French so I have finally started on Duolingo this month. It’s starting to get more difficult but I am up for the challenge. I love the romantic nature of it. I also love Arabic. It’s also quite a lyrical language, well to my ear anyway, so I enjoyed listening to people speak it. The Arabs also strike me as very passionate people and I can hear it their language. I loved interacting with Egyptians in particular. They have such awesome energy and are very down to earth.

Spanish is the other language that I would love to learn. Spanish speakers are so expressive and they seem to speak with the bodies as well when they are passionate about something or angry. I watched the first 10 minutes of Money Heist dubbed in English and then I had to switch to Spanish with subtitles. English just doesn’t work with their body language and facial expressions.

Well that’s it from me. Au revoir!


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

5 thoughts on “Parlez-Vous Français?”

  1. Spanish is a very expressive language, body language is a big part of their culture. I was fluent at one time in Spanish, but has been years since I spoke it regularly. I understand it, but have trouble with the verbs sometimes. Afrikaans is spoken by the person that helps me with training my herding dogs. He and his family are natives of South Africa. I think it is such a beautiful sounding language. I have not heard the others you mentioned spoken. Keep working at the languages, the more you learn, the easier it is.

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    1. What a small world! Afrikaans is a pretty awesome language. It has elements of German and Dutch and was actually created by the slaves in the Cape initially as I understand it. I still haven’t learnt how it and when it was adopted by their masters. It is also a fairly expressive language. If you ever want to learn a few phrases to surprise the gentleman, let me know and I can teach you over a zoom call. 😊


      1. Sounds good. I would like to know what he is saying to his dogs. He is awesome at working herding dogs. I have learned so much from him. And it is a joy to watch him work with dogs and sheep.

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