I love the Sound of Deadlines as They Go Swooshing By

Bloganuary day 27

Today’s prompt: what are the pro’s and cons of procrastination

Well…as the queen of procrastination, I am certainly qualified to answer that question I think 🙈😂. Let’s start with the pros.

One of the main pros is that my house is never cleaner than when I find myself procrastinating about studying or writing a report in particular. While I am busy cleaning, my brain also gets a chance to think through some things especially if a report is due. Another pro is that I might find that if I leave some tasks for long enough, when I am eventually ready to start, the task is no longer required because circumstances have changed.

A key con is that I stress yourself out about a pending deadline but I continue to procrastinate anyway until the last second. It’s like I am paralysed and can only be released just before the deadline. I don‘t do my best work because everything is now done is a hurry. Procrastination is often just a form of self-sabotage. Well for me anyway. I do it when I am super nervous about how something will turn out.

Do you have any pros or cons to add? That’s it from me. Bye for now.


Author: groundedafrican

Proudly South African mum to a bright and gorgeous young human. Employee. Life Coach in the making. Blogger. Fascinated with and passionate about people and helping them grow.

4 thoughts on “I love the Sound of Deadlines as They Go Swooshing By”

  1. So glad to hear I’m not alone on the procrastination side! I loved reading your blog and my heart definitely goes out to you on this. We procrastinators have to stick together, right? I hope you’re able to get everything done that you need to and hope somewhere in there that you can REST, too. Sending you hugs xx

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    1. Aaah Thank you. Yip we definitely need to stick together. It’s actually a natural trait of some MBTI personality types apparently. I was kinda relieved that it was actually common for my personality type🥳😅😂.
      All the best with what is waiting on your side. Hugs to you too.


  2. I am a terrible procrastinator, but I deal with it by trying to prioritise the most important things I have to do – which usually have a deadline of one or two days ahead! That’s the best I can do. I still push myself really hard, though – too hard sometimes. I am not sure what personality type I am!

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    1. I feel you. I do the same.
      You can use the 16 personalities website to get a view of what your personality is. It’s interesting to do every few years. My life experience, changing habits and growing interests are reflected in my results. I am keen to see what the change might be 5 years from now 😁


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